Monday, February 07, 2005

nada experiment

hey .

Thankz for getting to my site. and getting to nada nada.
orite to start with.... this song when I heard it for the first time I wanted to do the video for it immediately.
It was an original from a band called Avvial. They were formerly part of a band called Jicsawpuzzle (mallu Style) .
The lyrics talks about the rebel in us .
And how each of us would feed that rebel inside.
some would do it in the loo for it is the only place on earth where they are themself.
some would use their overpowering rebel to divert their attention and motivate them.
and some would question the entire system by doing whatever they want to do and do it at their own will.

"I care a damn about who joins me but ill keep walking."

The actual mallu lyrics have more intense meanings directing to the communist movement of the world.

I shall get the complete lyrics in manglish an post it in my site.


nada experiment